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Dog Groomer | Owner

Her journey started with a deep love for animals. As a dog owner herself, she discovered her true passion - grooming and caring for her canine companion. She began with dog walking, worked in daycare, and perfected her skills as a bather. Her determination led her to dog grooming school, where she learned from the best.

Now, after years of planning and dedication, she's thrilled to unveil SuperGrooms Toronto, where her salon embodies her lifelong devotion to dogs. At SuperGrooms Toronto, she has an unwavering love for dogs of all sizes and breeds. She embraces every challenge and strives to find solutions even when faced with the seemingly impossible. Her mission is to ensure that every dog leaves her salon not only looking their best but feeling their best as well.


In her personal life, she's blessed with a beautiful baby girl and a loving husband. Together, they make a wonderful family, and their dachshund is an integral part of their team, spreading joy and love both at home and in the salon.


Join her in making every grooming session an enjoyable experience for your beloved pets. Welcome to her world of love and grooming.

SuperGrooms's owner and her dog
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